Paytm Opens ‘Inbox’ For In-Chat Payments


New Delhi: Popular mobile-based digital payment platform Paytm on Friday launched ‘Inbox’, a messaging service that will allow consumers to chat with friends and family, and send and request money at the same time.

The messaging platform is encrypted end-to-end, and users can initiate private conversations and create group chats. They can also send photos and videos instantly, share live location, capture and share moments with the built-in camera. There is also a feature allowing users to recall their messages using ‘Delete for All’.

Apart from the messaging service, Paytm Inbox also includes Notifications, Orders, and Games. Under ‘Notifications’, users can see all cashback offers available across all categories; under ‘Orders’, they can view their order and transaction updates; and ‘Games’ will have engaging Cricket and trivia-based games.

Paytm Inbox will further revolutionise the mobile payment ecosystem in the country by allowing millions of users to send and receive money through a simple chat interface. It will also give a boost to millions of merchants such as local retail stores and home-based entrepreneurs as they can now interact with their customers and initiate payments through the Paytm ecosystem.

“We have realised that besides making payments, our users and merchants also like to communicate with each other. There is a need of social messaging, commerce and payments seamlessly blending into one another. One step for us towards meeting this consumer need is “Paytm Inbox” where you can chat with friends/ merchants and send/ receive money effortlessly and securely. This will help us drive greater engagement on our platform and build a stronger bond with our customers,” said Deepak Abbot, Sr. Vice President – Paytm.

In a short span of time, Paytm has democratised access to digital payments for millions of unorganised retailers to accept mobile payments for the first time. It is also widely accepted at all major online and offline retail platforms. Today, Paytm has become synonymous with digital payments in India.

The launch of Paytm Inbox with its messaging features will further add to the wide range of already present use-cases spanning across payments and commerce.

Paytm Inbox is live on Android and will be available to iOS users soon.