Patient Lying On Floor For 48 Hours, Hospital Negligent


Canning: The Canning sub-divisional hospital authorities have been accused of
accused of being negligent as a patient was kept on the floor for more than 24
hours. Tapan Kumar Dey (62) is still lying on the hospital floor in South 24

It has been accused that none of the doctors of the male ward, nurse or the
cleaning staff did not take any initiative to shift him from the floor. Tapan got
admitted to the hospital almost 2 weeks ago for several health problems. More than
two weeks have passed, but he has not revived yet. He is still under treatment.
Tapan is the resident of Nonagheri village under the canning police station.

On Monday morning he suddenly fell from the hospital bed. But no initiative was
taken to pick him up. Tapan’s family alleged that the patients in the adjoining
beds also did not complain about this.

Not only this but he was not given any treatment or food to eat in the past two
days. However, the hospital police super Argha Chowdhury refused to comment on