Patient Dies As Nurses Allegedly Busy With Mobile Phones


Burdwan: Fierce tension erupts in Burdwan Medical College Hospital’s centering around the death of a pregnant woman . The name of the deceased is Rimpa Talukdar (20).

The husband of the deceased, Pankaj Talukder, resident of Kanchannagar Belpukur said, on Friday at 7:30am they brought Rimpa to the gynecological department of the Burdwan medical college hospital for her delivery of the child. Around 10:30 am through ceasar she delivered two children.

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Rimpa’s husband Pankaj said, they went to see Rimpa on Friday night, she was normal then.On Saturday also she was fine and spoke to her family at night. At that time her mother Alo Banik and her aunt was with her. Her mother Alo Banik said, around 10:30pm Rimpa felt pain in her abdomen immediately they called the nurses who were duty.

Reportedly, around 2:30am in the night her pain rises and it becomes severe, her family called the doctors and nurses for help but all went to the deaf years. The nurses were busy in playing mobile games and chatting, claims the deceased’s family. On Sunday her condition deteriorated, a doctor who was on duty in the morning came for visit told that he cannot see her as he is a Gyne and don’t see ceasar patients.

Later, another4 doctor came and took her to the operation theatre and shortly after they informed Rimpa’s Family that she is no more.Her family claims nobody came for Rimpa’s help when she was suffering from severe abdominal pain,her death happen due to the medical negligence.

Meanwhile, relatives and neighbours rushed to the hospital on Sunday after getting the news of Rimpa Talukdar’s death due to alleged medical negligence. Rimpa’s kins started demanding to talk with the nurses this incident triggered tension in the hospital. Police and the Deputy Superintendent of the hospital Dr. Amitabh Saha rushed to the spot immediately after they were informed.They spoke to the deceased’s family.

Rimpa’s husband Pankaj Talukder on Monday demanded exemplary punishment for the nurses and doctors for their negligence.

On this day a written complaint was filed at the Burdwan Poilce Station and to Superintend of police Burdwan against the nurses and doctors.Superintendent of the Burdwan hospital Dr.

Amitabh Saha said, the family of the deceased have complained about the negligence in treatment. The matter will be investigated. Whoever will be found guilty action will be taken against them. According to the hospital sources, although the complainant has been filed but her family took the body of the deceased without any autopsy.