Pathankot Attack: NIA Submits Report to MHA


New Delhi: The National Investigation Team (NIA), probing the Pathankot terrorist attack has submitted its report to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Thursday.

On the other hand, after finding major loopholes in Gurdaspur Superintendent of Police Salwinder Singh’a account, the National Investigation Agency is likely to take him to Delhi for questioning, said sources on Thursday.

Singh had claimed that he was abducted by terrorists and the Punjab Police will investigate into his claims.

The National Investigation Agency has reconstructed the route taken by abducted Salwinder Singh. The NIA team took Singh from Gurdaspur to Pathankot to Kathua to the Panj Pir Dargah and then back to the Pathankot Airbase. This even as there appeared to be discrepancies in Singh’s statements.

Earlier on Wednesday, further leads into the investigation of the Pathankot terror attack raised suspicions over Singh having alleged links with the terrorists who attacked Pathankot.

While Singh has maintained that he has been a regular to the Panj Pir Dargah, shrine keeper Som has claimed that he had never seen him before at the place. In a startling revelation, Som claimed that Singh made a phone call to him at around 8:30 PM on December 31 to keep the shrine open as he would be visiting. When he resisted claiming that it was already late and it was time to close the shrine, the SP allegedly forced and ordered Som to keep it open.

He also added that the SP’s friend jeweller friend Rajesh Verma visited the shrine twice on the same day. He had never been to the shrine earlier, Som claimed.

The SP drove off from the shrine at 9:30 PM and took two hours to cover the distance of 10 kms, which generally take 15 minutes during the night.

There is a suspicion that the SP might have played a crucial role in the Pathankot attacks as it is believed that he could have also provided logistical support to the terrorists. There is suspicion over his late night visit to the Panj Pir dargah as there was already a terror alert in the area and the SP went unarmed to such an isolated area.