Passengers Perform Vishwakarma Puja In Krishnanagar Local


Barrackpore: The passengers who travel daily performed Vishwakarma Puja in the down
Sealdah-Krishnanagar local on Monday. They offered prayers to God Vishwakarma,
considered as the divine engineer of the world.

Not only in Krishnanagar local, but puja arrangements were made in trains of
different routes. The train compartments were decorated too and the Puja was
celebrated with great pomp and glory.

Ravi Samanta, a train hawker said, “We are celebrating Vishwakarma puja in down
Krishnanagar local for the past 17 years. We ear our living through this profession
of being a hawker. So, to seek for blessings to protect ourselves from any danger,
we pray to Vishwakarma God.

Puja Prasad such as khichdi and alur dom was also distributed. When the train
stopped at its scheduled stations, the prasad was also distributed to the locals.
The passengers of the train were given rosogollas.