Passengers Fined For Spitting At Santragachi Station


Kolkata: The RPF caught atleast 100 passengers at the Santragachi railway station on Saturday for spitting at the station and railway tracks. They were fined too. According to the Railways, at 8 in the morning on Saturday, the initiative was started by the South-East Railways, and ended at 2 in the afternoon. In this 6 hours, 13 thousand rupees was gained by levying fines.

According to the Railways, there is a special law for imposing fines for spitting. Based on that law, rail can fines from Rs 100 to Rs 500. In Saturday’s initiative, some were let away by fining only Rs 100. When some started quarreling with the railway officials, they were fined more. During this period, the other passengers were seen cautious and were found using dustbins.

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As per the rails, this was a warning initiative. This will go on for the next 24 hours to keep the station clean.