Passenger Strips Naked Mid-Air On Lucknow-Dubai Air India Flight


Dubai: An airline passenger took ‘walking the aisle’ a tad too seriously after he shocked fellow fliers on a Dubai-bound flight on Saturday by stripping to nothing and walking across the aircraft.

The Lucknow- Dubai Air India Express flight was mid-air when the man started stripping. However, the airline crew was quick to react to the shocking act and swiftly wrapped him with a blanket, according to a report by news agency.

Two crew members on flight IX-194, that had over 150 passengers on board, held him tightly to his seat while the flight was in the air. It is, however, not clear as to why the passenger had done this or what provoked him into doing such an act.

The crew members then handed him over to Lucknow airport security officials after the flight made an emergency landing at 12:05 pm.

“The passenger was handed over to the airline security at Lucknow airport after instructions from the Captain of the flight… A probe is underway,” an Air India Express spokesman said according to the report. The flight finally took off for Dubai around 2 pm.