Party Knocks At Mamata’s Door Over Salary Increment


Kolkata: The West Bengal Trinamool Congress Education cell has submitted a
memorandum to party supremo Mamata Banerjee demanding the increment of salaries of
SSK-MSK teachers.

Jaideb Giri, the organiser, urged for the increment of their salary and be made Rs
12,000. SSK teachers presently receive an allowance of Rs 5,954. Supervisers get Rs
7,882. MSK graduate teachers get Rs 8,930, post-graduate teachers get Rs 9,675 and
head teachers get Rs 10,419.

Proposals have been given to increase supervisers’ allowance to Rs 14,000, graduate
teachers’ to Rs 15,000, post-graduate teachers’ to Rs 16,000 and head teachers’ to
Rs 18,000.

Presently, more than 428 crores of rupees are spent on the salaries of teachers. If
the salaries are increased then the expected expenditure will stand at 633 crores
of rupees. According to the education cells, the number of teachers and other
staffs are almost 68 thousand.