Party Didn’t Reach To The People Of Jangalmahal: Sovandeb

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Midnapore: West Bengal electricity minister Sovandeb Chattopadhyay on Thursday hold a review meeting in Paschim Midnapore’s Circuit house with state Backward class minister Churamoni Mahato, MLA Shikanto Mahato, Dinen Roy, Pradot Ghosh and Uttara Singh Hazra.

Sovandeb uttered after the meeting that party did not reach properly to the people of the Jangalmahal. And this gap reflected in the Panchayat elections result where BJP scored good.

ভোটারদের কাছে দল পৌঁছতে পারেনি, মানলেন মমতার মন্ত্রী

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Government is the bridge between party and the people. But how did this bridge break in Jangalmahal after the all development done by ruling goverment, said Sovandeb after the meeting. He also added that party now tried to find out this communication gap.

Sovandeb continued that the dream of Mamata Banerjee is that no village will be powerless. And present goverment tried their best to fulfill her dream. For this reason, many projects like IPDS, Souvagyo and Dindayal project are inaugurated.