Party Creates Blunder By Giving Mukul Responsibility: Dilip


Barrackpore: Mukul Roy has been given the charges of the Lok Sabha elections. State President Dilip Ghosh has said that It is not right time to give Mukul Roy a important position without leaving a year in BJP camp.

Mukul Roy is the founding member of Trinamool Congress. But it is past now. For the last one year, he is a BJP leader. A month ago, BJP had given him place in the National Executive Committee.

Even any state BJP leader did not show any strength to oppose the central committee’s decision. In this situation a different tone was heard in the voice of President Dilip Ghosh. Dilip said that Party should not be given responsibility to Mukul Roy.

The BJP’s public gathering was held in Duttapukur in North 24 Parganas on Sunday. State BJP president Dilip Ghosh faced the journalists at the end of the meeting. In response to Mukul Roy’s question, he said, “We feel that an experienced person like Mukul Roy can work well. That is because the party has given him the responsibility in the Lok Sabha. Then he said,” I think party did wrong. ”

Dilip Ghosh attacked the Trinamool Congress and the police in a strict language. He also warned the police. He said, “Don’t stop BJP’s rath. Then you will hang out at home. “