Parts Of Dunlop To Kolkata-Bound Road To Remain Shut For 17 Days


Kolkata: Major parts of B.T. road will remain closed over repairing works of the Dunlop flyover’s pillars. As a result, several parts of the road will remain closed from January 20 to February 5. Dunlop, that is, B.T. road to the parts of Kolkata-bound road will remain closed.

It is being known that almost 100 meters will be shut down. Not only the road, but the flyover will also remain closed. As a result, the common people are likely to face huge problem. However, the traffic administration assured that proper measure will be taken so that no one faces any problem during those days.

Barrackpore police commissioner said, enough traffic arrangements will be there to keep transport services normal. It will be kept in mind so that the commoners do not face any difficulty due to this major change.

Dunlop crossing over B.T. Road is an important one. It is the meeting point of two roads, one coming from Dakshineshwar, while the other coming from Barrackpore. After crossing Dunlop, the Kolkata-bound vehicles from Bally goes via B.T. road. Similarly, those coming from Barrackpore and is Kolkata-bound will also have to cross the Dunlop crossing.

All the goods vehicles coming from Kolkata and will board the Delhi road or Mumbai road will have to go through Dunlop. Even, the goods vehicle that that comes into Kolkata also have to come through Dunlop.

On the other hand, with the flyover closed, the pressure of traffic will come to the road. Hence, traffic is expected in these 17 days.

After Majherhat bridge collapsed, the state government gave instructions to inspect the health condition of all the flyovers in the city. At that time, during inspection, several problems were found at bridge’s bearing. It was instructed to repair immediately. Immediately, orders were given to repair it. For several months, movement of heavy vehicles have been banned in the Dunlop bridge.