‘Partha was unhappy with the selling of property’


Kolkata: The practise of writing diary is not new among the De family members. According to a latest development of the skeleton case of 3, Robinson Street, some of the pages of Arabindo De has revealed that Partha De, his ‘psycho’ son was not at all happy with the selling of their house and the deal that was associated with it. In fact he had also written that some of the transactions and the dealings with contractors made by Arabindo De did not go in a proper light with Partha. Arabindo De had arranged to sell off the property to an organisation. Partha De protested against this move and there had occurred  a distance between the father and son over the property row.

Now, based on this fact, the police is trying to investigate that was this property row between father and son in any way related to the committing of suicide of Arabindo De.

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