Partha Terms CPM Brigade Flop Show


Kolkata: West Bengal education minister and Trinamool general secretary Partha Chatterjee on Sunday addressing the media said that CPM’s brigade is an utter failure. Terming the brigade a flop show the minister said that it only highlighted the demoralization of CPM.

Training guns at the rival party Partha said that the low turn-over itself indicates people’s rejection of the communist agenda. He further said that the 34-year-long CPM rule in the state has veered West Bengal off the path of development.

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Replying to CPM’s allegation that Trinamool has neglected the interest of minority communities in the state, Partha said that the several initiatives have been taken under the present government to alleviate their condition.

CPM has failed to deliver any strong message from the brigade as expected, said Partha. Replying to the chit fund salvo hurled by Left Front leaders, Partha said that chit fund started during CPM rule and the party has duped poor people of their money.