Partha Lashes Out At BJP-RSS Over Islampur Incident


Kolkata: Education minister Partha Chatterjee spoke on the Islampur incident in
which two students died as a result of clash between police and students.

Partha said that the school asked for teachers in Sanskrit and Urdu in 2013. “If we
see that none from the school’s managing committee performed their responsibility,
then will disrupt the committee and take legal actions.”

According to the education minister, the culprits will be punished and said that
the school could not escape responsibility. He urged the common people to make the
shutdown called by BJP, unsuccessful. He accused the RSS behind the incident. He
accused the BJP of fielding RSS to save themselves.

He also said, “I believe that those students who wants teachers, they cannot
disrupt the peace in school. BJP, RSS will have to accept responsibility that they
have done this. BJP is trying to create violence in different parts of the state
using this issue. Will convene a meeting with the ministers and supervisor at the
Trinamool Bhawan.