Partha De shows signs of regaining normalcy


Kolkata: As per the latest developments, Partha De is slowly but steadily getting back to normalcy. As per Pavlov Institution sources, Partha has had his breakfast on time and have even asked the hospital sources to bring him ‘roti’ for lunch. He will be given a proper bath by the attendants, revealed the sources. It was heard that, Partha had asked to be taken to the Missionaries of Charity for regaining mental peace and composure.

Partha was found living with skeletons of his deceased sister and two pet dogs in an upscale south Kolkata neighborhood on Thursday. The discovery came following an incident in which his father, Arabinda De, set himself on fire on Wednesday night. Arabinda’s charred body was recovered from inside the bathroom.

The mystery came to light when sleuths carried out a search on Thursday morning after Wednesday night’s fire in which the owner of the house had died of burns.Prima-facie evidence suggested Partha was mentally sick and could not face reality and had failed to come to terms with the death of his sister Debjani De, who was an English teacher in a city-based private school.

He had thus refused to cremate his sister or dispose of the corpses of two dead pets. There were also evidences which showed he used to feed the skeletons too.