Partha Chatterjee Slams Mukul Roy After Resignation


Sumana Sarkar, Kolkata: After the historic decision of Mukul Roy, West Bengal Education minister and Trinamool Congress secretary general Partha Chatterjee holds a press conference here at the TMC party office on Wednesday.

মুকুল বেরিয়ে গেল, বেঁচে গেল বাংলা: পার্থ

According to Partha, Mukul Roy has deliberately harmed the party’s image.

Partha during the press conference Said “We are one party, one leader in Mamata Banerjee. Mamata Banerjee is our role model. We tend to emulate our role model. We are not servants here, we are all co-workers.”

“Mukul Roy is saying baseless words. We don’t give any value to his words. We are very happy today after Mukul left TMC and it is good for TMC as well as Bengal,” Partha Chatterjee added.

According to Chatterjee “The day CBI went after him, he realized that other than BJP he has no respite.”

‘With Heavy Heart’ Mukul Roy Officially Resigns From His Post

The TMC leader also said that Mukul Roy is a traitor; he has done treachery with the party and with the leaders too. Even his own son is still a TMC MLA. Refers to Mukul Roy he considered him as tubelight, says the realisation that BJP is not communal came very slowly to him. As now he is not finding his feet in politics, so seeking a political holiday.

Earlier today, Mukul Roy ‘with heavy heart and pain’ officially resigned from his Rajya Sabha membership and also resigned from all posts of TMC as a primary member.