Partha Chatterjee slams BJP over ‘CBI probe’


Kolkata: Partha Chatterjee, Secretary General of Trinamool Congress, today slammed the BJP for using CBI for political purpose. He was addressing the press at Trinamool Bhavan, where he strongly criticised CBI for overstepping their constitutional authority.

He said, “Before any election, BJP uses CBI to target Trinamool. They are afraid of our popularity. Opposition now relies on CBI for doing their political campaigns. Partha Chatterjee also questioned CBI’s motives, “Why is CBI asking only Trinamool for accounts? What about BJP’s multi crore Lok Sabha campaign?”

He questioned the constitutional authority of the CBI to ask for accounts as those records are submitted to the IT Department and the Election Commission.Partha Chatterjee further added, “It is a sad truth that CBI has lost its credibility and efficiency. Various cases in this State have shown that.”