Partha Chatterjee Did Not Attend Programme For Being Called ‘Patha’


Bankura: Education minister Partha Chatterjee did not come to Bankura University’s first convocation programme. Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi was also invited but he also did not turn up.

Controversy erupted after Education minister’s name was spelt wrong. It was spelt as ‘Patha Chatterjee’ instead of ‘Partha Chatterjee’ in the University’s invitation letter. The University then withdrew the invitation later and printed the correct one.

Several believes that the minister did not come after being disappointed. The first convocation of the Bankura university was held on 29th November where West Bengal governor Keshri Nath Tripathi will present at the ceremony. The ceremony will held at Bankura’s Rabindra Bhavan. Education Minister Partha Chatterjee will also present at the ceremony.

While preparations had started quite early, a spelling mistake on the invitation card proved to be embarrassing for the Education Minister. Partha Chatterjee’s name wrongly spelt in the invitation card where Partha Chatterjee spelled as ‘Patha’ Chatterjee. This invitation card immediately spreads in social media and became viral.

The mistake may not have been spotted by Education Minister, but the invitees were quick to spot it out. When that mistake was caught, they started printing new invitation card. The university authorities have printed a new card after checking the spell.

The issue came to the attention of some people after the delivery of the card. The university authorities claimed that those who printed the card, they made the mistake in some way.