Part Of Brahmin Community Also Take Out Tazia During Muharram


Kolkata: It is not that only the Muslim community members take out Tazia to celebrate
Muharram. A particular Brahmin community also takes out Tazia on the occasion of
Muharram. They are called the Hussaini brahmins who are spread in the north-west
part of India.

There are several myths regarding the origin of Hussaini Brahmins which are mainly
based on history and word-of-mouths. Hussaini Brahmins still live in Rajasthan,
Maharashtra and Punjab. This community are also present in Pakistan’s Sindhu
Pradesh and Punjab. Some families also stay in Arab. Before the Karbala incident, a
big part of this community used to live in Arab. According to myths, Rahab Sidh
Dutta was the founder of the Hussaini Brahmin community. When he went to Arab, he
became friends with Imam Hussain.

During the time of Karbala incident, 1400 Brahmin families used to stay at Baghdad.
It is said that they fought in the battle on behalf of Hussain. It is assumed that
those families were the original Hussaini Brahmins. In 778 BC, they cama to India
and settled in Shiyalkota’s Dinanagar and Rajasthan’s Pushkar. Some Saiyads also
came. Imam Hussain and his generations are still ardent followers of their
religious beliefs.

Several of them also make a cutting sign on their necks to honour their ancestral
self-sacrifice. The main face of this community is Sunil Dutta’s family. Community
members are also found in the Army.