Park Street ‘McD’ Closes Shutters


Kolkata: The eatery chain “MacDonald” outlet of Park Street ran out of stock and closed shutter on Friday ahead of busy Christmas weekend. The regulars were surprised to see the shop closed at 6:30 pm yesterday.

A note pasted outside the outlet regretted inconvenience but did not give the reason behind the untimely closure. Neither did it say when it would reopen. An employee, however, explained they had to close the outlet due to “shortage of inventory”.

“I think the store ran out of stock, which is why we had to shut down. But it is not an indefinite closure and we will reopen soon,” Ram Singh, the manager of the store said.
The commuters were amused to find the shop closed.

They waited to have their favourite food only to find negative response from the employees. The spat between Park Street properties owned by Karnani Mansion and Munna Maharaj is already in court since nine years.