Paris Massacre Not a Lone Wolf Attack: Col. Soumitra Roy


Kolkata: As horrified world witnessed the massacre of over 160 innocent people in Paris, intelligence agencies got a severe jolt over the failure to thwart likewise attacks again and again. It was a coordinated attack mounted by the terrorists affiliated to dreaded global Islamic terror outfit ISIS.

বাংলায় পড়ুন: প্যারিস হামলা সুপরিকল্পিত: কর্নেল সৌমিত্র রায়


The attack claimed by ISIS is a stern warning to the global village– ‘You are not safe, we can strike anywhere’.

Retired Col. Soumitra Roy is a war veteran of Indian Army. He also participated in the anti-militancy operations. In an exclusive talk with www.Kolkata 24 X, he gave his reflections on the Paris attack.

Ruling out the lone wolf attack theory, he described the latest Paris attack as a well-coordinated and preplanned operation. Col. Roy said that the attack is most likely to have been carried out by home grown Jihadis trained in ISIS occupied Syria or Iraq.


He added that the geo-political location of France itself and its capital also provide a strategic advantage to the any sort of attackers, because it is easy to flee France and to reach nearby countries like the Netherlands, England, Spain or Germany.

He said the Paris attack is a psychological warfare waged by the Islamic State to create panic and horror-fear psychosis among the people. However he stressed that people should not be afraid and unite against such dastardly acts. Because terrorists are always minority.

When asked about the growing ISIS influence in India, Col. Roy said that the repeated incidents of ISIS flag surfacing in the Kashmir valley is a wake-up call for the Indian security establishment and Indian society.isis

He said that the rapid expansion of Islamic State in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan is a major threat to India. He emphasized the need of a well-coordinated intelligence network to prevent the repetition of 26/11 like attack in the country.

In context to the Khagragarh incident in West Bengal, Col. Roy said the event has highlighted westthe growing menace of jihadi forces in the state. However he felt optimistic that no ISIS link had surfaced in the NIA investigation yet. The investigation pointed to ISI backed terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Bangladeshi militant organizations.

Stressing the need to eliminate sleeper cells both in the state and the country Col. Roy pointed out that political decisiveness is needed to tackle the terror menace. He called for a ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards any shade of terrorism.

Interview: Kaushik Sinha and Monishankar Choudhury

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