Paris Attacks: 3 Arrested in Belgium

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Paris: In France, three days of national mourning has been declared after the multiple attacks across Paris killed at least 129 people and wounded over 300. Eight attackers also reported killed. IS terror group claimed the responsibility of the multiple attacks.

Calling the coordinated assault an “act of war”, President Hollande declared a state of emergency and announced renewed border checks. Meanwhile, Paris chief prosecutor in a press meeting said that the arrests of three men in Belgium on Saturday were linked to the attacks.

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He also confirmed that one of the dead attackers had been identified as a Frenchman who had a criminal record but had never spent time in jail. The Greek authorities also confirmed that two people under investigation by the French police had registered in Greece as Syrian refugees.

France will pursue its intervention in Syria with the aim of striking Islamic State.

Speaking to news persons, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the government also planned to extend a state of emergency imposed across France after Friday’s attacks in and around Paris, giving authorities expanded resources to combat what he called “a very well organised” enemy.

“We are at war, and because we are at war, we will take exceptional measures and we will take action, and we will strike. We will strike this enemy to destroy them, of course in France and in Europe, to pursue those who have committed this act. But also, and you know this, in Syria and in Iraq. And we will respond at the same level as these attacks, with great determination and a will to destroy. And we will win this war,” PM Valls said.

Meanwhile, world leaders condemned the attacks and have pledged to work with France to bring those responsible to justice and combating terrorism. The world leaders have proclaimed solidarity with France in its darkest hour. UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-Moon has condemned the despicable multiple attacks that took place in the French capital.

The bloodiest of the attacks in Paris was at the Bataclan Concert Hall. Gunmen systematically slaughtered people attending the rock concert. Anti-terrorist commandos eventually launched an assault on the building, killing the gunmen and rescuing dozens of shocked survivors.

More people were massacred in up to five other attacks in different locations of the French capital, including an apparent double suicide bombing outside Stad de France where Hollande and the German foreign minister were watching a soccer match.

Counter-terrorism prosecutors have launched a preliminary investigation. All metro stations, schools and universities in Paris have been shut down.

France has been on high alert due to a number of terror strikes on its soil earlier this year including attacks against Charlie Hebdo in January and a foiled attack in August by a heavily armed man on a train.