Parents Sacrificed Aylan Kurdi: ISIS


Damascus: Dreaded global terror outfit Islamic State (ISIS) has unleashed a propaganda war against the refugees fleeing Syria by exploiting the horrific death of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi.

The jihadi outfit has declared that refugees fleeing its territories are “sacrificing” their own children and committing a “dangerous sin” against Islam. In the latest issue of the extremist group’s propaganda magazine Dabiq, an article entitled “The Danger of Abandoning Dārul-Islām (the ‘Islamic State)” appears with a picture of Aylan’s body.

The three-year-old Syrian boy drowned alongside his mother and brother when their boat capsized as they tried to reach Greek islands last week. In Dabiq, refugees themselves are blamed for causing their own deaths by migrating from the “land of Islam” to the “land of disbelievers”.

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