Parents’ Guidance To Children During Exams


Kolkata: Examination creates panic among students as well as among the parents. Dr. Sanjay Garg, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Fortis Hospitals, Anandapur, Kolkata shares some information for the parents, mentioned below:

What Parents should do:
Parents can help their children in their studies in a multitude of ways, none of which are dependent on their own knowledge or expertise on the subject matter. Some of the things that parents can help with are: planning a proper study schedule with sufficient rest periods, ensuring proper access to educational resources and study material, teaching time management, monitoring  completion of homework, tracking test performances, creating a distraction-free study environment, praising the child for his effort and not just his/her “scores”, keeping the lines of communication open so that the child can discuss any problems he/she maybe facing at school, being physically present when the child is studying if he/she prefers that.

The importance of parental guidance for success in any area of a child’s life cannot be over emphasized. When it comes to exams, more than guidance on the subject matter itself, parents play a crucial role in the teaching of overall skills of test-taking. The support of parents can significantly reduce the burden of exams for children. In addition, parents can be instrumental in providing all-round care to ensure correct lifestyle before and during exams. Keeping the home environment pleasant and stress free, encouraging physical exercise, ensuring proper nourishment at regular intervals and discouraging staying up late are some of the ways that parents can help exam performance. Most importantly, parental guidance is necessary is teaching students the true purpose of exams. Students must understand that exams are just a path to the next phase of life. If they know that ultimately, it is their effort and not the marks per se that will be appreciated, this knowledge will automatically translate into better performance.

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