Para Teachers’ Forcibly Secured Candidacy In Panchayat


Kolkata: A Trinamool Congress supported para-teachers’ organisation has informed that para-teachers have filed nomination forcefully for the coming Panchayat Election.

West Bengal State Election Commission previously declared, para-teachers can not apply for panchayat election. But election commission on Wednesday said, para-teachers who have filed nomination will be able to stand as candidate.

জোর করেই পঞ্চায়েত নির্বাচনে প্রার্থী হলেন পার্শ্বশিক্ষকরা

Consequently, those who have ignored the notice of Election Commission are able to stand as candidates in Panchayat Election. Such announcement has brought relief to them. A part of para-teachers have expresed a sense of victory on Election Commission declaration.

General Secretary of West Bengal Teachers and workers association Swapan Mondal said, “para-teachers are being used as the checkmate.” On an explanation he added, “the prime demand of the para-teachers are certain salary scale, proper respect as teachers, and gratuity. Now the prime demand has shifted in the Panchayat election. It is a political strategy.”