‘Pantabhaat’ Becomes A Hit At Digha Hotels

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Digha: This is the time of the year when the Bengalis visit Digha to stay away from West Bengal’s scorching heat. This famous tourist spot provides a lovely beach for the tourists to bathe in. What about adding a topping to your favourite cake?

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The Bengalis spend their days by bathing in Digha beach, Post that, they spent the afternoon with an awesome lunch. But the luxurious hotels are now providing the tourists with Pantabhaat, which the tourists are perfectly enjoying.This is the time maximum people have pantabhaat, which is a rice-based dish. It is prepared by soaking rice, generally leftover, in water overnight. Traditionally it is served in the morning with salt, onion and chili. But it is surprising to have taken a place in the menu card or list. The fish or meat meals are taking a backseat giving more priority to the rice dish. This is a hit of all the hotels of Digha.

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The menu which is given with pantabhaat are: alu-makha (mashed potato), posto-bora (poppy fritters), fresh mustard oil, lemon, onion, dry chilly fry. The price varies from just Rs. 50-60.

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The hotel workers have said that to escape from this heat and also in keeping the body cool, the tourists are preferring pantabhaat. The tourists are crowding the hotels after 10am regularly.