Panic Over Swine Flu On The Rise In Bankura


Bankura: The residents of Bankura’s Kotulpur’s East Narayanpur village are
frightened of the spread of swine flu disease. A local of this village Sritama Roy
died at a Kolkata hospital due to the disease, as according to her relatives.

Death of a village girl has sparked panic among the villagers already. No one is
letting their children go out of their houses. The health department, however
claimed that a medical team has been sent to the village. The officials have
requested the villagers to not get panicked unnecessarily.

Deceased Sritama Roy’s father Mainak Roy said that initially her treatment began
for fever at a local hospital. From there, she was shifted to a hospital in
Kolkata. They are still clueless over how did the incident happen. He also said
that he has heard that several children of the village are suffering from fever.
“No one should face the fate of my daughter. I want that a medical camp is set-up
in the village. Arrangements should also be made for the blood examinations of

Ramprasad Chatterjee, a villager, said, “We all are very much scared. Many are not
allowing their childrens out of their homes. Me along with My daughter, sister-in-
law are sick for few days. Though the health officials came in the village, but no
arrangements were made for the examination of our health.”

Another villager Putul Roy said that just few days ago she and her child recovered
from fever. After this incident, her family is also in panic. She also demanded
that the health officials to come and examine everyone’s blood.

Deputy CMOH Arvind Haldar of Bishnupur district hospital said that the health
officials working in the area were instructed to collect blood samples. The doctors
of the Shihar primary health department were also given the responsibility on the
matter. If presence of dengue is found in anyone’s blood, then the collected blood
sample will be sent to Bankura Sammilani Medical College and Hospital.

On Sritama’s death, Arvind Haldar said,”We are not being able to understand that
from where did she get infected. I have heard that the girl used to study at a
school in Aarambagh. We are trying to find out that from where did this ‘infection’

In the last 4 days, 29 patients have been admitted to the Bishnupur district
hospital for fever. Arvind Haldar also informed that all these 29 patients are now

Reported By: Timirkanti Pati
Edited By: Saheli Dey