Panic After Snake Found In Jalpaiguri Household


Jalpaiguri: An old woman got frightened when she came across a snake while going to
the bathroom in the wee hours of Saturday.

The woman screamed out of fear, hearing which the other family members rushed to her aid. On searching, it was found that the snake was lying on the floor while entering the room. The incident took place at Patakata colony under Paharpur village panchayat in Jalpaiguri. The snake was found in Pradyut Das’ house.

The 7-foot snake
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The woman’s son immediately informed the area’s animal lover Biswajit Dutta
Choudhury. He went and rescued the 7-foot snake and later on released it to the

Pradyut Das with the snake. He is an animal lover.

Tarubala Das, the old woman, said, “I could not believe that I will return alive
after seeing such a big snake from such a close distance. I had no mental sense
after seeing the snake.”

Pradyut Das said, “The forest department is educating people at several places. So
instead of killing it, initiative was taken to release it in the jungle.”