Hardik Pandya Scores Maiden Test Century


Colombo: Hardik Pandya is just three matches old in Test cricket but he already has a record to his name. In the third Test against Sri Lanka, Pandya came into bat at number eight and scored a 86-ball century for India.

During his innings, Pandya took 26 runs off an over hitting two fours and three sixes. This is the most runs taken off an over by an Indian batsman in Test cricket. Left-arm spinner Malinda Pushpakumara bowled the over to Pandya, who had scored seven off the previous two deliveries he had faced, and he took the aggressive path straightaway.

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Pushpakumara’s first ball was played through mid-wicket for the first boundary of the over. Pandya came down the pitch for the next delivery and sent it past the bowler for four. He now had 21 runs from the previous five deliveries he had faced and had more to come.
Taking on the bowler, Pandya this time adopted the stand and deliver technique and sent one over long-off. It was flighted and Pandya knew it straightaway. He did the same on the next ball but this time a bit straighter and flatter.

The fifth ball of the over was sent over long-on for another six to make it 26 runs in the over. Pandya defended the final ball of the over as he wanted to take a single and keep the strike for the new over but failed.

His century came off only 86 balls which was also fastest by an Indian player coming in at number eight position. He reached there with the help of seven sixes and eight fours.