Pandemonium at AMRI over patient’s death


Kolkata: The situation at AMRI in Salt Lake took an ugly turn due to the death of a patient at the hospital. It is alleged that the patient has died as a result of wrong treatment by the doctors. The patient party has even accused the hospital authorities that they have demanded a sum of 2 lakh rupees for releasing the dead body.

Goutam srimani, a resident of Girish Park was admitted in AMRI due to chest pain on Monday. The doctors had performed an operation on the patient. Srimani was back at good health after the operation, claimed his family members. But then all of a sudden his condition deteriorated and he lost his life. However, no cardiac arrest or failure had been reported by the doctors earlier. The family members have pointed their finger towards the doctors and have claimed them to be guilty for the sad demise of Srimani.

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The AMRI authorities and the doctors in charge have washed away all such allegations. They are at stance that Goutam Srimani’s condition of heart was not at all good. So, his death was indeed an unfortunate incident.