Panchu Roy Alleges RSS Behind Nagerbazar Explosion


Kolkata: Panchu Roy, South Dumdum Municipality chairman blamed RSS on Nagerbazar explosion case on Wednesday. Panchu Roy claimed that sokets bombs which were used in Nagerbazar explosion could not be kept by any normal persons. Mao-fundamental organization was earlier used this type of bombs.

He further said, it is not possible for the CPM party if they remain in power. But where is RSS? Are there RSS organizations in the area? In this case, the boys of RSS go to the gym in the morning. RSS has good impact on the area. Not only that, Panchu also said that during CPM regime, Tapan Sikdar was won by the people of this RSS organisation.

He further added, “It was clear that the purpose was to create panic. And they have also succeeded in it. After that, everyone will be afraid of going to the area. According to sources, TMC conflict may be cause of this explosion. Factional feud between Panchu Roy and Rajarhat Goplapur TMC leaders recntly came to the limelight.

But after all this, the issue of TMC group conflicts can not be blown away. According to sources, Panchu Ray has an intrusion with TMC leaders in Rajarhat Gopalpur area. Although Panchu Roy denies allegation.