Panchayat Rule At Domjur: People Needs More


Piku Mukherjee, Howrah: Panchayat polls were a bloody affair during the Left regime in West Bengal. Latest poll process also thought to be a bloody affair.

The question raised before the upcoming Panchayat poll was that are the panchayat areas really getting developed in tally with the previous regime? Really local people are satisfied because of the development work of the present TMC regime?

পঞ্চায়েত কাজ করেছে, কিন্তু…

To get all these answers, Kolkata24x7 visited Howrah’s Domjur Block area’s Dakhshinbari and Rajapur Panchayat area. According to the local people, Panchayat doing well but people need further development.

The two main problems of the locality are the road and the supply of drinking water. If Panchayats are taking more measures then it will be solved, added locals. Cycle mechanist Biplab Bag said, it would be wrong to say that the present Panchayat did not work, but much more to be needed to develop the area.

After interaction with the locals it is understood that there were strong foothold of the previous Left regime. Now those force want to raise the slogan of under-development to challenge the TMC rule if poll campaign begins. BJP flag is also being seen in some areas but the local people do not want to give attention to them.