Panchayat Executive Accused For Asking Bribes


Maldah: Allegations have been raised against Maldah’s Manikchok’s Mathurapur Village’s Panchayat office’s Executive Assistant for asking bribes, on Tuesday, sources said. A month and a half ago Iyahiya Construction got the assignment of laying 61 meters of pitched roads in Mathura village panchayat’s Kamalpur. Even though the work ended on time, the contractor company failed to receive a bill even after repeated attempts of asking.

Though a payment check has been made, but the assigned company yet hasn’t received the check. According to the Contractor, the Panchayat’s executive assistant told him to pay money to get the check. After several deals it was decided on Rs. 3000. On giving the amount he will receive the check of Rs. 1.5 lakh. But since the contractor refused to pay the bribe of Rs. 3000, he hasn’t yet received the check. For two weeks continuously he has been visiting the Panchayat Office but to no avail. Finally on Tuesday, the contractor went to Manikchok’s BDO and filed a complaint.

The opposition leader of Mathurapur Village Panchayat, Uttam Mondol has demanded strict measures to be taken. Mathurapur Village Panchayat’s Pradhan Arun Mondol has assured to see into the matter. The accused was absent in his office on Tuesday. He was also not available on phone either. BDO Utpal Mukherjee has said that he has received a verbal complaint. After investigating he will take proper actions.