Panchayat Drama Continue After Declaration Of Poll Date


Kolkata: The Election Commission has declared the date of the West Bengal Rural Election on Thursday, according to the report the rural polls are going to be held on May 14th 2018. Meanwhile this declaration have made the state govt pleased.

As per source Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is very happy with the rural poll date notification published by EC. Although the dates are announced for the rural polls but the dilemma still continues as the clouds are yet to be cleared. The notice issued by the Sate Election Commission has only mentioned the date of the State Rural Poll.

On Thursday the the Election Commission announced the date of State panchayat polls. Only on May 14th the voting will be held in every panchayat across the State. On this day the vote casting will be held from morning 7:00am to evening 5:00pm. The Sate Election Commission has also said that the State government will provide the security.

There have been many incidents of violence in different parts of the State during the nomination submission.Chances of similar incidence could also take place during the voting date. This situation may also lead to re-polling. But the Commission’s notice does not mention anything about such situation. At the same time there is also no date for vote counting mentioned in the notice.There are number of questions arising on the notice by EC. No matter how much serious the issue may be but the EC wants to complete the complete voting process in a day.