Panchayat Board Process Stalled At Birbhum

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Siuri: The setting up of board at the Rampur Panchayat has been stalled at Birbhum’s Mohammadbazaar block to escape violence in the area.

Birbhum has witnessed violent political clashes in the past. Hence to avoid a
repetition of history, the district authorities took this decision. District magistrate Godara Basu said, “Another day for the board set up will be announced.” According to the district authorities, again a notice will be circulated seven days before the board is set up.

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However, the BJP party has criticised this move. Birbhum’s BJP district president Ramkrishna Roy said, “If needed then will support the Congress to stop Trinamool.”

Ignoring criticisms by BJP, the TMC block president of Naraz Mohammad Bazaar Tapas
Sinha said, “Board will belong to TMC only. We did not forcefully take anyone anywhere. The oppositions are spreading political chaos over this.