Panchayat Board Formation Postponed Due to Internal Conflict


Murshidabad: In formation of Panchayat board, the factional feud of ruling party is came to the public. The incident happened in Murshidabad’s Jangipur area. The representatives Raghunathgunj-1 block were started protest against Jangipur’s Legislative Assembly member and State Minister Zakir Hossain surrounding the formation of the board.

In the last Panchayat elections, the representatives of the ruling party won two Zila Parishads 17 Panchayat samities in Raghunathganj-1 block. On the other hand, the Trinamool Congress won six gram Panchayats. Apart from this, TMC won 23 seats of 25 at Jarur, 19 seats of 21 at Raninagar. At the same time TMC out-clashed other parties at other Panchayats. TMC have won 17 seats in Mizapur, 19 in Kanpur, 17 in Dafarpur.

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Some of Panchayat won member have filed a complaint against Zakir Hossain. They are complaining that the state minister has decided to form board without giving any information to other block representatives.

The newly elected representatives could not accept the decision of the minister. They told the block and the district leadership about this. According to sources, on Thursday, the representatives held a meeting with the block and sub-divisional leaders.

The meeting was attended by Jangipur subdivision Trinamool Congress President Bikash Nanda, Block President Mukti Prasad Dhar, along with Block and Region Trinamool Congress Leadership. Other leaders, including the chairman of the block, said that in any decision, we will obey the order of district observer, Subendu Adhikari. So, it is not possible to accept any other decision in this regard. Although minister Zakir Hossain was keep silence on this issue.