Panchayat 2018: Sniff Of BJP-CPM ‘Understanding’ In Birbhum

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Suri: Trinamool is pitted against either the BJP or the CPM in most rural seats. Pointing to an unofficial alliance between the two opposition parties in Mohammadbazar of Birbhum.
In 61 out of 89 gram panchayat and in 15 out of 21 panchayat samiti seats in Mohammadbazar block it is seen that Trinamool is pitched against either BJP or CPM candidates.

Mohammadbazar is the place where the BJP and CPM had put up a joint fight on April 7 during a clash with the ruling party activists with bows and arrows and bombs while their candidates filed nominations.

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Even though the BJP and CPM leaders are trying to explain this as a mere coincident, Trinamool admits that there has been an unofficial electoral pact against them by the opposition. A section of opposition leaders, however, agreed that the decision of this joint move was taken to combat Trinamool.

In Mohammadbazar block, there are 110 gram pam panchayat and 28 panchayat seats. Sources said in some seats both the BJP and the CPM have jointly backed Independents.
CPM sources said that Mohammadbazar which was known as a CPM bastion till 2013 when the panchayat samiti and seven gram panchayats were won by the left, has given a space to BJP to combat the Trinamool.