Panchayat 2018: Oppositions Unified Against BJP In Raiganj


Raiganj: Several Congress supporters have attended panchayat poll meetings of senior CPM leader and Raiganj MP Mohammad Salim. Left cadres are seen at rallies of Mohit Sengupta, the district Congress chief and Raiganj MLA.

Instead of the usual cutthroat fights, neither the Congress nor the CPM have been going for each other’s jugular. The CPM leaders however, are in a denial mode. The reason, sources said, they do not want to take any chance.

“At the party Congress that was held recently, it was decided that there will be no formal alliance with Congress. But that does not mean that there cannot be an informal understanding. This is what has happened in North Dinajpur,” said the source.

That there is an adjustment is also evident because the Left leaders are silent over the presence of Congress supporters at these meetings. More interestingly, there are instances which suggest that the Congress has, in some places, has even gone into an understanding with Trinamool.

BJP leaders are aware of the plans. “All other parties have got into some kind of understanding. Their only agenda is to stop the BJP. Such strategies will not work,” said Nirmal Dam, district BJP president.