Panchayat 2018: March Instead Of Bike Rally, Strategy For BJP In Bankura

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Bankura: Bharatiya Janata Party not leaving the war ground which benefits Trinamool. TMC threatened BJP stating that they will complaint in State Election Commission regarding the bike rally of BJP held on Monday in Simlapal of Bankura. It made BJP aware of their mistake.

BJP on Monday held a rally with the workers-supporters along with senior officials led by State co-president Subhash Sarkar. According to the source, BJP prohibited the entry with bike after the chaos on Monday. So they have chosen march to avoid legal chaos.

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Maximum number of anti ruling party seats have been filed in Khatra sub divison of Bankura. BJP is on the toe in terms of the fight in election. BJP is quite successful in bringing back the reputation in Sarenga-Raipur block. So they are trying to produce maximum number of candidates.

Bankura district president Vivekananda Patra said, “BJP is not afraid of ruling party. If the election process goes properly and peacefully, BjP will get the sure win. But the scenario is not so supportive as the ruling party started obstructing them from nomination submission time.”