Panchayat 2018: Fragmented Body Of Presiding Officer Found In Raiganj


Raiganj: The on-duty missing presiding officer’s fragmented body has been recovered on Wednesday in Raiganj. Headmaster of Raitpur High Madrassa in Karandighi,  Rajkumar Roy was missing since Monday morning. Massive agitation sparked after the incident.

He was in charge of 48 number booth at Banbol Junior High School of Itahar as presiding officer. The family claimed, he was in touch till 8 pm. Soon after that his phone got switched off. His body recovered on Tuesday beside railtrack. Shortly Raiganj became furious on such mysterious death.

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প্রিসাইডাইং অফিসারের খণ্ডবিখণ্ড দেহ উদ্ধার ঘিরে উত্তপ্ত রায়গঞ্জ

It became prime issue of protest on the repolling day. On-duty officials held protest on Wednesday. They claimed, political clash during voting time has streched the issue. He may have forced to commit suicide, said Rabindranath Biswas who is a official and neighbour of Rajkumar Roy in Sudarshanpur of Raiganj.