Panchayat 2018: Derek O’brien Denounced Over ‘Unkind’ Comment On Death Toll


Kolkata: West Bengal Panchayat Election of 2018 witnessed widespread violence and recorded massive loss of life during the voting time. The democratic process became the bloody affair soon after its initiation.

Amid reports of clashes and violence, Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Derek O’Brien tweeted:

He further said that the CPM and BJP are now so desperate that “they are even ganging up with Maoists to kill/shoot/stab three Trinamool workers in different incidents in Bengal.” However, several people on Twitter did not take kindly to the TMC MP’s comments. While some harked back to his days as a quizmaster, some questioned why he was citing old statistics to defend his party’s position with respect to poll violence reported recently.

ভোটে মৃত্যু নিয়ে ডেরেকের ট্যুইটে ঝড় সোশ্যাল মিডিয়ায়

Twitter users ask Derek O’Brein to stick to quiz contests. Twitter users schooled him on compassion. A user by the handle @delhi_lawyer wrote, “Every life matters, Mr bournvita.”

Another user Kanchan Srivastava wrote, “These 40 lives do matter, Sir. Didn’t expect an “expert” like you to normalise the murders.”

“Kids, let’s get one thing straight – under NO circumstances “but we killed less people” can be used to justify ANYTHING,” wrote Karnika Kohli.