Panama Papers: PM Admits About His Stake

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London: David Cameron has admitted he did have a profitable stake in his father’s offshore investment fund, five days after the leak of the Panama Papers.

বাংলায় পড়ুন: নিজের কালো টাকার সত্যতা স্বীকার প্রধানমন্ত্রীর

After the release of the Panama Papers, Mr Cameron and Downing Street staffers released four different statements about his financial affairs – though, despite the clarifications, questions remained.

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In an interview with ITV News, the Prime Minister said: “We owned 5,000 units in Blairmore Investment Trust, which we sold in January 2010. That was worth something like £30,000.

“I paid income tax on the dividends. There was a profit on it but it was less than the capital gains tax allowance so I didn’t pay capital gains tax. But it was subject to all the UK taxes in all the normal way.

“I want to be as clear as I can about the past, about the present, about the future, because frankly I don’t have anything to hide.”

He also said he received a £300,000 inheritance from his father, Ian Cameron, when he died in 2010. “I obviously can’t point to every source of every bit of the money and dad’s not around for me to ask the questions now,” Mr Cameron added.

“In all of this I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m a very lucky person who had wealthy parents, who gave me a great upbringing, who paid for me to go to an amazing school. I have never tried to pretend to be anything I am not.

“But I was keen in 2010 to sell everything – shares, all the rest of it – so I can be very transparent. I don’t own any part of any company or any investment trust or anything else like that.”