Palestinian girl bites Israeli soldier’s hand


Jerusalem: Photos which appear to show several Palestinian women and children fighting to stop an Israeli soldier from detaining a young boy have emerged.

The boy, whose arm is in a sling, is seen being pinned to the ground beneath an Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier’s legs while two Palestinian women and children try to rescue him.

The picture shows the soldier holding on to the boy as a young girl bites his hand. Eventually, another IDF soldier comes to break up the melee.

The pictures were taken during a protest against Jewish settlements in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah.

An Israeli army statement said that the youth who was photographed was identified by the lookout force as a stone-thrower, and because of this it was decided to detain him. At the time of the arrest, a violent provocation by a number of Palestinians developed, including women and children.