Palaash announces ‘Women’s Era Palaash Miss India 2015’


Kolkata: The events’ company ‘Palaash Global’ on Friday announced a beauty pageant-“Beauty with a purpose” and “Beauty with cause”: – the ‘Woman’s Era Palaash Miss India 2015’. While beauty contests have played a role in placing the spotlight on physical beauty, thereby putting pressure on teens and younger women to constantly meet society’s expectations of good looks, this contest aims to redefine the shallow perception of beauty. This is why, here, contestants will be shortlisted on the basis of, and eventually given recognition for, their individuality. Preliminary selections will start in seven zones across all regions of India, including the North East.palash

“Palaash Global” already attached with some NGOs, Name Chhanv, and Touch world. Woman’s Era Palaash Miss India Pageant’s new charity theme “Beauty with a Heart”, where it will start a new chapter of charity work done through all Woman’s Era PMI’s Pageants to raise money and also help the less fortunate people around our surrounding . CMD Mrs. Pallavee Sharma says, “We do not limit ourselves to just helping children but also to help the Acid attack women who are sick and destitute. Personally I believe if you always give, you will always have.

Commenting on the unique ideology of the pageant Soumendu Sinha, Business Director of Palaash Global, says, “In the east a woman is much more than a beautiful face. She is a nurturing mother, a caring daughter, a loving wife, a productive member of society and, in her entirety, the very reason our world still goes round. To celebrate her beauty would be to honour her magnificence in every role that she chooses to express herself in. This is why at Palaash, we take a more holistic view of what beauty really is. Yes, it includes physical attractiveness. But it is also a courageous heart, a compassionate soul and the strength of character that makes a woman so remarkably beautiful.”