Pak’s Shadow War Against India, Breeds Terrorists in POK


New Delhi: Unable to match India’s military might Pakistan has long been indulging in a shadow war against India by funding and training terrorists on its soil to carryout subversive activities in India.

The Indian army on Tuesday said that more than a thousand terrorists were being trained in terror camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Pakistan. General Officer Commanding of Srinagar-based 15 corps Lt Gen Satish Dua said that seventeen terror camps were active in Pakistan and POK and 1150 militants were being trained in them.

“As per our intelligence inputs, there are about 17 terrorist training camps in Pakistan and PoK put together. Out of that, nine are opposite the 15 Corps zone. Four each in Manshera which is in Pakistan and Muzaffarabad. Total strength of terrorists in these camps is anything between 1000 to 1150,” Gen Dua told reporters here.

He also said that 23 launch pads with on the other side closer to the LoC having strength of 315 to 325 militants were waiting to infiltrate into India and that was why the Indian Army was on the highest alert. There is a bulge in the militants in the launch pads because they are unable to get across, Gen Dua said.

“Whenever they have tried an infiltration bid, it has always been foiled or the militants have been eliminated. So, what is happening is that their numbers are swelling up but they are unable to get across,” the Army commander said, as per PTI.

However, General Dua pointed out that infiltration was nothing new and that every year in summers there was an attempt to infiltrate.

Lt Gen Dua said the militants have become desperate as their masters want them to do “something”.

“So much so that they are under pressure from their masters to do something and several times they just try and sneak in and attempt is to just target either civilian or military targets very close to the LoC and then go back,” he said

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