Pakistan’s New Kashmir-Weapon Is Hi-Tech Devices: LeT Operative


New Delhi: Terrorists from Pakistan waging jihad against India may not be well-educated but are highly trained in using hi-tech gadgets, suggesting the support of military experts, investigators who grilled alleged LeT operative Bahadur Ali said.

Ali, 21, who was arrested on July 25 in Kupwara district of Kashmir, revealed during his interrogation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) sleuths how after infiltrating into India he communicated with his handlers in Pakistan using Japanese-manufactured ICOM wireless sets that needs some degree of technical knowledge.

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The agency has contacted the Japanese company to establish the distributing channels of these wireless sets. Ali also used an Android mobile that could have been used for sending text messages without a SIM card through a mobile app. Officials said such wireless sets are not available easily and its handling requires some expertise.

“The engineering modification done on ICOM RT sets to cover whole range of frequency requires high degree of precision engineering in electronics. Providing the terrorists with specific grid references for the route to be followed and use of GPS, compass and topographical sheets during movement also establishes that these LeT terrorists were trained and mentored by military experts,” the NIA said.

Ali was launched along with two others from Mandakuli in Pakistan occupied Kashmir on June 12. While Ali was arrested, the whereabouts of two others are not known. “They were given directions not to store any data on the GPS device that could leave behind a trail. The information regarding the movements was deleted,” Sanjeev Singh, Inspector General, NIA said.

Singh added that though Ali is not well-qualified and is a Class 8th passout, he is well-trained and has acquired a certain degree of expertise in handling high-tech gadgets.

The agency made public Ali’s disclosure in Punjabi, during a press briefing on Wednesday, a day after India issued a demarche to Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit. Ali’s disclosures have once again exposed the role of LeT along with Pakistani agencies in sending men to India to carry out terror strikes.

The practice of putting the videos of disclosures of terrorists is not a common one with Indian agencies. This happened a day after the blast in Quetta, Pakistan, that killed over 70 people. Even though ISIS and Taliban claimed responsibility, there was propaganda in Pakistan blaming Indian intelligence R&AW for the terror strike.

NIA said Bahadur Ali was constantly guided and directed by the LeT control centre Alpha-3, which was available on a prefixed frequency on ICOM handsets, being carried by the terrorists. “As per Bahadur Ali and other available evidence, control centre Alpha-3 is a fixed communication centre, established at a high-altitude peak in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, which is operated with support from Pakistani forces,” NIA said in a statement. Investigators said once the terrorists are inside the Indian territory, handlers from the control centre guide and control their operations.

“Whenever required, Alpha-3 arranges tactical and material support through previously identified contacts.”