Having Pakistani Passport Is Humiliating: Actress Saba Qamar


Mumbai: Shot to fame after her role in Bollywood film Hindi Medium, Pakistani actress Saba Qamar during an interview to a Pakistani channel opened up about how she felt humiliated because of her nationality at an international airport when she was detained for being a Pakistani.

Narrating her ordeal, Saba Qamar, who was starred against one of the finest actors of Bollywood industry Irrfan Khan said that it was humiliating for her when she was discriminated for being a Pakistani national. The actress mentioned that she was hurt after experiencing how the world sees her and her country.

Sharing one of her experience when she had to visit Tbilisi in Georgia to shoot for a song for Hindi Medium with Irrfan Khan, the actress said it was the most embarrassing moment when she was stopped at the airport just because of her Pakistani passport while everyone else from the Indian crew went ahead. “We were at the airport and while all my Indian crew went ahead, I was detained. I was investigated and interrogated. It was the most embarrassing and humiliating moment for me. I was stopped just because of my Pakistani passport,” Saba Qamar said.

Further speaking about the reality of Pakistan, Saba Qamar said it was that day when she realised what’s the difference. We say ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ on our homeland but the world does not have the same image about our country.

“That day I realised our (Pakistan’s) position. Where do we stand?” Saba Qamar added. The way we are investigated at the security check, and what picture does the world have about Pakistan, was humiliating. I realised that day what our position and status in the global world. The actress was supported for taking a bold stand but many slammed her for shaming her own nation. Saba Qamar who made her Bollywood debut with Hindi Medium, had received widespread appreciation for the character.