Pakistani Man Stabs 17 Women Out of Hatred For Stepmother


Islamabad: In a shocking incident, a 22-year-old Pakistani man went on a misogynistic killing spree, stabbing 17 women, killing one from January this year until this month.

Mohammad Ali, confessed to the police in the garrison city of Rawalpindi that his murders were fueled by hatred for his cruel stepmother and, so he was taking ‘revenge’ by blindly targeting women of any age on the streets

Murder weapon was a knife, he told the police. He admitted of being tormented and pushed to take this extreme step, as his stepmother ill-treated him that induced hatred for women.

A police official said, he would wait on the streets and attack whenever the opportunity arose. His last victim was a hospital nurse, who died this week.
All the attacks took place in the streets of Rawalpindi, adjacent to Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.