Pakistani Girl Questions Role Of Military In Terrorism


Islamabad: At a time when the bilateral ties between Indian and Pakistan are in worst shape, a video featuring a young Pakistani girl asking some tough questions on the role of military in growing terrorism has now become viral.

Though the video is a bit old but it suits the current hostile situation between the nuke-powered countries after terror attacks by Pakistan-backed terrorists in Uri and Indian’s counter surgical strikes along LoC recently.

The video shows a Pakistani girl making an important point during a discussion on ‘The Role of Military in Terrorism’.

The girl was forced to voice her concerns since there was no mention of the military during the 10-minutes discussion on the issue.

The girl is shown in the video asking the guests to shed some light on the role of military in increasing terrorism there.

The young Pakistani girl can be seen making her point fearlessly and explaining why growth of terrorism in Pakistan is linked with the military.

The girl, while voicing her concern, also quotes several corrupt politicians of the country who have supported terrorism for short term gains.

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