Pakistani ad Featuring Nargis Fakhri Sparks Outrage Online

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Islamabad:  People have condemned Rockstar actress Nargis Fakhri’s advertisement on the front page of leading Pakistani Urdu newspaper Jang which has created a stir over social media.

Pakistani investigative journalist Ansar Abbasi was the first one to condemn the ad on Twitter which shows Nargis lying down with a phone in her hand in a red rose.

Here are some Twists which condemn the ad:

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Ansar Abbasi : My strong protest to top jang group management for this absurd front page ad in today’s jang.

Muhammed Amer : @AnsarAAbbasi why newspapers are trying to be like playboy or weekend type of magazine ?? These kind o adds look good in magazine not on NP

Matiullah Jan: @AnsarAAbbasi you are right, her beautiful body curves have nothing to do with 3G phone and its ‘cheap price’. I fully agree with you dear.

Athar Ali Khan: Dayummm @NargisFakhri

Omno: Why did you dirty the newspaper by putting Nargis’s photograph on it?

Mirza Lamer King: Today they have put Nargis’s image. Tomorrow they will show Sunny Leone.

Kadar Khan: @AnsarAAbbasi Front page ad looks absurd but corruption, loot and plunder of the government is acceptable.

Aleem Qadeer: Could have used a talent like @NargisFakhri in a much better way.

Nadia: Those offended by Nargis Fakhri’s curves on a paper will be the first to mentally measure a woman up, they see in real.

Malik: Shame on Express & Jhang? for showing Nargis fakhri.